To the A-maze-ment of All: Generating Mazes in F#

Little more than a week ago, I had the great pleasure of attending the inaugural Lambda Jam conference in Chicago, Illinois. It was a terrific experience, and highly recommended for anyone interested in functional programming. One of the more interesting aspects of the conference was the daily “Jam Sessions”. Part hack-a-thon, part coding contest, each […]

Double Trouble

Updated 23 Jan 2012 A nice recording of my presentation, along with other NYCFSUG talks, can be found here. Updated 30th Sep 2011 Unfortunately, due to (highly disappointing) hurricane Irene, the New York City F# Users’ Group meeting has been rescheduled. Please check out this link for the details. Shameless plug!!! Come check out the […]

Getting JSON.NET to “Talk” F#, Part 1: Tuples

JavaScript Object Notation (hereafter, JSON) has become a very popular means of encoding data in a “plain text” format. And, as with so many things, there are several implementations of JSON-encoding libraries available in the .NET ecosystem. One such library, which I’ve used quite a bit, is the Newtonsoft JSON.NET library. It’s both simple and […]